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Mary and Paul are enthusiastic artists excited to work with you and looking forward to creating history together. We are not GEOGRAPHICALLY CHALLENGED for most projects, so depending on your time zone we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.


Arrow pointing rightThe sky is no longer the limit!

Drones create a new visual paradigm made possible by flying high quality cameras to almost any desired vantage point. Below is a  small sampling of the various aerial possibilities we offer.

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Harness your memories TODAY! This is special category that's often overlooked - or not even considered - but yet very dear to everyone's hearts. As much as we don't like to admit it we all get older. Retirement homes have to be looked into, lifelong homes and beloved cottages have to be sold and forgotten, and family members and friends pass on. Our cherished memories fade. Call us to fly around (and in) that cottage wonderland you grew up with NOW. Picture your parents - years from now - waving at the camera from their favourite beachside chairs. Call us to help you harness your treasured and lasting memories TODAY!


We can help you analyze your crops to see where problems might develop.


From multi-million dollar projects to single family homes, our aerial flexibility is without a doubt the best tool for real estate agents and developers. From taking stunning general views of your properties to zooming in on important selling features, let GREAT DRONE VIDEOS transform your marketing possibilities. How about showing your potential clients the exact view they will have while driving up their driveway or from their balcony before the condo complex is built?


Drones are able to carry very high resolution cameras that deliver cinematic quality 4K files. Cameras and the drones are getting smaller making this available to more and more creative filmmakers and broadcast experts like us. If you look carefully at movies and documentaries today, it is hard to find one that has NOT made use of drones to create very dramatic effects.


Get a bird's eye overview of the progress of your various construction sites and build an archive of your progress and achievements for your marketing. Think seasonal time-lapse footage too.


Have you undergone a wide scale destructive event like a fire, earthquake, violent storm over your land, locality or company premises. We can use our drone expertise to quickly assess the damage to give your insurance company the total picture.


Create unforgettable outdoor souvenirs of important corporate, entertainment or life events like outdoor concerts, inaugurations etc.


Our drone can easily fly indoors with proficiency and surveillance with its multiple navigation systems and object detection. Get dramatic vantage points of your advertising or architectural designs.


Industrial sites that cover wide areas can easily be surveyed, photographed or filmed with drones. Volumetric assessments are also possible in mining and quarry sites.


From the air we can survey large areas for planning pre-construction of multi-housing projects or highlight the surveyor's borders from the sky. In edit we can also overlay a 2D blueprint or 3D view of forthcoming constructions. A great tool for urban development, archaeological research, golf course design or maintenance, ski slopes management, stock or volumetric inventory and so much more.


We can help you inspect hard to access places like the towers, rooftops edges, bridges, windmills, electrical installations etc.

Today is an opportunity to FLY RIGHT tomorrow… we work safe.


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